We are the authors of BEARS/IMS, the comprehensive IMS Performance Monitor.  Whether you are looking for:

  • IMS performance data
  • IMS Capacity Planning information
  • IMS Transfer Charging data
  • IMS Application modeling data
  • or any other type of IMS related data

you've come to the right place.

IMS is IBM's Mainframe flagship Transaction and Database system.  It is used the world over by major blue-chip companies to support their businesses.

BEARS/IMS has been used by major Financial, Manufacturing and Service organizations since the mid 1980s.  The product supports some of the largest and busiest IMS systems in the world today.

If you are a major user of IMS systems then we can help you run them more efficiently, more effectively and at a reduced cost.


About US

VIO Systems have been providing consultancy and support to major IMS users for over 35 years.  We specialize in performance and capacity type work.

With the current industry emphasis on cost and risk reduction, having easy access to accurate information on what your IMS systems are actually doing is vital. We can help. We can provide you with an accurate, yet simple to use source for all of your IMS performance and capacity related data.

Contact Information

For further information or to arrange a free 30 day trial contact us at info@viosystems.com